This is a passionate dance in the world music style accompained by the lively instruments performed by the new project Luiku. This formation’s music is a mixture of several ethnic music cultures of the trans Carpathian region: Ukraininan, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Balkan. These tunes make you care less and move your feet more.

The leading ideologist of this formation is a well-known Ukraininan musician and a producer Dmytro Tsyperdyuk (Dazzle Dreams). The project initially started as a soundtrack to a documentary and subsequently grew into a full concert programme. The name of the project ‘Luiku’ is a mixture of the name of a character from the movie ‘Gypsies Camp Goes to Sky’ Loiku Zabara and Western Ukrainian word for uncle ‘vuiko’.

A string of ethno motifs of Luiku’s music is a result of Dmytro’s long lasting deep passion for world music and his travels, during which he absorbed and gathered an exclusive ethnic musical material of the nations of trans Carpathian region as well as collected and learned how to play the authentic instruments.

Luiku - it is a semi acoustical project and only those instruments that cannot be reproduced are pre-recorded. The group’s composition consists of two more people: a DJ and a percussionist/accordionist, however the leader is considering an expansion of up to 7-8 musicians to get the most of all the gathered national instruments.

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