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Oj Jezus Maria

Apr 22

The leader of Dazzle Dreams, Dmytro Tsyperdyuk, presented this Saturday the first track from his own brand new project Luiku.

The name of this track is a combination of a character’s name from the movie Camp goes to the sky – Loiku Zabara and the western Ukrainian word for uncle- ‘vuiko’. To clarify, Dazzle Dreams still remains active in its creations and is planning to launch a new project this Autumn. This is more of an incidental thing the necessity of which Dmytro explains in the following way:

‘Every artist has an urge to do something on the side: someone opens a restaurant, someone trades oil and someone just abandons it all and runs somewhere overseas. For me opening a restaurant or running wasn’t an option- I decided to create an oasis for the mind.'

Project Luiku initially started as a sountrack to a documentary. Dmytro’s already written the music, but the film makers eventually bailed out. So he decided to continue his venture and created a complete and independent project which he is presenting onstage this May in Lvov. It would be a shame for such a valuable material to go to waste. The band will perform its first single Oj, Jezus Maria. But Dmytro pleads you not to interpret it in any religious way:

‘Oj, Jezus Maria- it is a sudden outcry, when something unexpected happens. It’s not a swearing! They say so when someone trips, gets wasted in a pub or simply when something exciting happens…’