The interview

May 1

Why your own project? Can you not put your ideas into practice through Dazzle Dreams?

Every person does something on the side. One opens a restaurant, the other trades oil, another’s involved in drug trafficking, someone abandons this world altogether in the pursuit of parallel universes. Unfortunately, this is the tendency in today’s world. And because I don’t want to open a restaurant nor abandon the country, I decided to create a world of my own…an oasis for the mind. Every artistic person has an urge to engage in a creative work alongside his main occupation and I can illustrate an enormous amount of instances when exactly this happened in the show bizz. Actually Dazzle Dreams continues as it’s always been and we are preparing a new music release this autumn. But Luiku- it’s different! It’s a call of joy! You know, when you sometimes get ridiculously drunk and just dance, to be honest that’s what I do in the mountains from time to time. And that is exactly the gypsy-Ukrainian dance that’s reflected in my new project. The thing from which it all starts… You spend your days at home daydreaming and sometimes you long to climb a mountain and shout out loud and boom! You go back to normal but the feeling remains– and that’s Luiku.

Is it a true one-man project, or will be featured after all?

It’s a one-man project, but any such project can’t survive without occasional get-togethers and cooperation. Oh, and big thanks to Gaidamaki’s fifes! Guys did an amazing job! Me and Greg (Dazzle Dreams) do the arranging. Initially this was an unnamed project, but when I started working on it more closely I realized that it’s a worthwhile thing and must go on. Actually, it has a lot of Turkish motives as well… that’s been the influence during my adventures in those lands. Got myself a few fascinating instruments from there too.

Why ‘Luiku’?

There’s a character in the movie The camp goes to sky, he was a gypsy and called Loiko Zobar. And Luiku is something in between him and the Ukrainian word for uncle ‘vuiku’. These two words merged to create ‘Luiku’.

Your picked ‘Oj Jezus Maria’ to be the first single… Why?

‘Oj, Jezus Maria- it is a sudden outcry, when something unexpected happens. It’s not a swearing! When someone trips or gets drunk they say: Oh Jezus Maria. So I recalled a story from this little village Osmoloda, where a lot of lumberjacks used to hang out. They have a small enterprise there and occasionally they were asked to do some woodcutting in the forests. They were making good money out of it, but then they drank away all of it in a little tearoom and always came home with empty pockets. And once in this tearoom I heard them saying: ‘Why the bloody hell do we cut those poor trees, when the money all goes to waste anyway!’ So I wrote this dance track, it is a sort of an anthem of all lumberjacks. After the release I found out that it wasn’t just popular… it was a number one single, and I had a gut feeling that this is the right kick-start, even though Luiku has a lot of lyrical stuff to offer as well really… you know the kind of urban and rural lyrics. Actually Oj, Jezus Maria will eventually be the first single.

It the second time that you refer to Virgin Mary, is there some sort of emotional connection?

I’m not sure there is any connection. The other song is about love; the image of the adored woman, there’s the connection with the beauty of Virgin Mary. This is something different. It just happened that this track and the other one both relate to Virgin Mary, but the name of this figure is the only thing they have in common. Generally, Dazzle Dreams will move towards a dreamy sort of project, as apparent from the band’s name. I decided to shift away from the tracks in style of Dana Shi Dana and return to the roots of human existence… I mean Dazzle Dreams has to be a meditation project, so that people could listen and create thought kaleidoscopes or put together certain images in their minds… You could experience that with tracks like S.O.S. or even earlier stuff that we’ve made. A lot of Dazzle Dreams fans miss the initial composition of the band. To assure you, we will always stay the members of Dazzle Dreams, but now we’re settling into a more chill out, dreamy, meditative music, to which you can do yoga or make love.


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