Dancing Luiku

Oct 28

Having presented its first track ‘Oj Jezus Maria’ in May this year, the new project of Dmitriy Tsyperdyuk has enjoyed a great success and spent the whole Summer in their studio recording new tracks or giving concerts across the country and cross borders.

Now when the time has come to shine again the group has released a new single ‘Dancing Luiku’. You will be mistaken to think that Luiku only offers dance tracks. The group’s founder comments:

«‘ There is also a selection of slow songs which we also perform onstage, however for the radio listeners we decided to release a few faster, catchy tracks. ‘Dancing Luiku’ proves the point.‘

‘Dancing Luiku’ is one of the more recent Luiku’s studio creations. It was also written in the very same year. However, as Dmytro admits, the idea’s maturing in his head for quite some time now.

‘Me and Greg Ignatovitch did the drums part already in Turkey. For a solid amount of time this groove rested on a shelf waiting for the right time. Suddenly it crossed my mind, when I started working on ‘Dancing Luiku’, so I used it for a simple yet catchy track that ‘Dancing Luiku’ is. I also added some Romanian ethnic sounds, the sound of Carpathian drymba and Balkan pipes and a very stirring track was born.’


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War - Whore
War... - Clean Radio

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