Luiku + Poland + Coca Cola

Feb 26

The project Luiku is coming for a tour to Poland; not a simple tour but a charitable one.

From February 27 until March 2 the group will take part in several charitable concerts whose aim is to raise funds for the victims of Euromaidan and their families. Luiku will not be alone onstage- during every concert they will be accompained by a particular Polish music band that also wishes to express solidarity with Ukrainians and is ready to offer us a helping hand during these difficult times.

Luiku has something in store. A few weeks ago it has written its own cover version for the legendary Polish 80s track ‘Pola monola plus Coca Cola’. About 30 years ago it was performed by the Polish character Franek Kimono and it became a hit single that a lot of performers aspired to remake. However Franek allowed only one band to do the cover- the boys from Luiku. Soon this new version of ‘Pola monoal plus Coca Cola’ will be on Polish air. In the mean time the track is being performed live onstage at the fund raising concerts.


album cover
War - Whore
War... - Clean Radio

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