Rain is crying

Jun 2

Dmytro Tsyperdyuk has presented his first lyric and minor piece – ‘Rain is crying’.

This straight away urges an analogy with the latest events in Ukraine, however Dmytro doesn’t really intend to interpret the piece in this way.

‘I can’t really say that the song is aimed at particular events in the country. It certainly has a lyric and minor vibe to it and so I didn’t wish to release it earlier during the calamity. But now you can listen to it, remember the difficult times but also look into a brigther future… Besides the track ‘Rain is crying’ is quite a philosophical piece. It includes a certain lyric mood as well as particular memories..’

Incidentally, this track is one of the first ones to be written by Dmytro Tsyperdyuk for his project Luiku. He even recalls how it was all like: in a little Carpathian hotel in Tatariv, where he usually writes his pieces for Luiku.

‘It was pouring rain that day and it inspired me to create this track. Everyone can find something of his own in this song. Not only does it encourage political and economic discussion but it also speaks of love, friendship and family. That is why this track doesn’t relate to a particular place or time and you can listen to it whatever may come.’


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