Oct 24

The project Luiku despite its ethno-dance profile doesn’t stay indifferent to the latest events that have overwhelmed the whole country.

The group has their own words and sounds to express its attitude towards the uneasy situation. You will have a chance to listen to them in a track with a long and a short name. The short name is simply ‘War!’ the long name is ‘War-Whore’. This is how Dmytro Tsyperdyuk commented on the release:

‘In the present case it is a very accurate expression, because you just can’t leave the words out of the song. Without this phrase that constantly slips out of your mouth the song doesn’t sound the same. To be frank it makes me want to swear more and more. Of course the non explicit version is coming out soon to address those of us who might not be as tolerant towards such bold allegations. It will be a simple and neat version - ‘War!’.

The lyrics came naturally to the leader Dmytro, as he submits. Those are the songs that live and grow in you for a very long time until they lie themselves down on a piece of paper:

«‘I just began writing a verse which turned into such a desparate outcry. It doesn’t speak of victory, defeat, Ukraine, separatists, Muscovites or Europe. Nonetheless it is all clear from the words.’

Apart from the Ukrainian version a new Polish version is coming out, which is addressed to our western neighbours.

Luiku ‘War!’ Radio premiere


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War - Whore
War... - Clean Radio

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